An analysis of the hitchcocks obsession with voyerism

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Rear Window (1954)

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Voyeurism In Hitchcock

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Rear Window: Irresistible Voyeurism Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window is a uniquely captivating film that is an exemplary style of cinematic craftsmanship.

Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’ offers timely study of ever-present voyeurism By DAVID A. KING, Ph.D., Commentary | Published June 25, Facebook; Twitter; Finally, “Rear Window” is an indictment of our obsession with other people.

Rather than addressing our own problems, we. Hitchcock, like Norman, likes voyeurism. The dramatic opening shot of the film starts high over Phoenix, and then swoops down to a window. You then move inside, where you see Marion half-undressed after sex with her boyfriend.

Rear Window: Irresistible Voyeurism Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window is a uniquely captivating film that is an exemplary style of cinematic craftsmanship.

Reaching into the minds of the characters, as well as the audience, Alfred Hitchcock is the master at utilizing the juxtaposition of images to bring us into the minds of the characters.

And because Hitchcock makes us accomplices in Stewart's voyeurism, we're along for the ride. When an enraged man comes bursting through the door to kill Stewart, we can't detach ourselves, because we looked too, and so we share the guilt and in a way we deserve what's coming to him.

Hitchcock’s Rear Window (): The Limited Perspective of the Voyeur. Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller Rear Window encapsulates his masterful use of controlling information to create deep-seated suspense in the audience. James Stewart plays L.B. Jefferies, a photographer bound to a wheelchair in his apartment as his broken leg heals.

An analysis of the hitchcocks obsession with voyerism
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Hitchcock and Voyeurism | Cherwell