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OUR INSPIRATION. The curator of our diverse and wearable jewelry collections is the founder of Bling Jewelry, Elena Castaneda. Her entrepreneurial mindset came from her Peruvian father who wheeled and dealed with garment manufacturers, and her mother of German heritage who.

From Bling H20’s Dubai Collection, this bottled water is named “The Ten Thousand” and costs a whopping $2, per bottle. Covered with more than 10, hand-applied Swarovski crystals each bottle is made to order and arrives with a certified number, white gloves and a handling case.

Create your own personalized Glitter And Bling water bottle and travel mug right here on Zazzle! Choose from a selection of different styles, colors, designs and sizes. Start your search today! Bling Beverages LLC has developed Bling H2O, a new drinking water tailor for the super-rich consumer.

The bottles of water come in frosted and corked bottles with genuine Swarovski crystals that spell out the “Bling” in Bling H2O on the bottle.

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