Bridge building project

Engineering a Bridge

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Bridge Project

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The Effect of Bridge Design on Weight Bearing Capacity

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Students learn about brittle and ductile material properties. Students also learn about the many cost factors that comprise the economic considerations of bridge building. Bridges are unique challenges that take advantage of the creative nature of engineering.

This engineering curriculum meets Next Generation Science Standards. This lesson will involve your students in geometry and measurement as they work as civil engineers to design and build their own bridge. Identify how geometry affects bridge design and function and apply that knowledge to the design and construction of a bridge.

When engineers design a bridge, they. Follow easy directions to build a popsicle stick or soda straw bridge and discover how much weight the bridge can bear before breaking. The Effect of Bridge Design on Weight Bearing Capacity.

bridges, and dams to highways, airfields, and wastewater treatment facilities. Many of these construction projects are "public works," meaning. Students also learn about the many cost factors that comprise the economic considerations of bridge building.

Bridges are unique challenges that take advantage of the creative nature of engineering. For an amazing bridge image and a story about an incredible US bridge project, see the July 4, Daily Mail story, "The Wider View. The objective of this project was to build a bridge using nothing but school glue and toothpicks.

Our teacher have us credit for just simply building a bridge but gave us extra points for every pound it held with the maximum being 30 pounds.

The goal of this project is to apply concepts in physics to build a bridge that holds the most weight. At the end of this project, you will understand basics in engineering bridges and create your.

Bridge building project
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