China during 1450 1750

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AP World History Questions 1450-1750 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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China 1450-1750

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Early Modern Empires (1500-1800)

– Big Ideas and Discussion Questions 1. How was this era different than the era that preceded it? Compare two European monarchies to China and Japan’s empires.

What are the similarities and differences? Be very specific. What was the Reformation? What were the basic ideas?

Title: – Big Ideas and Discussion. What was the Qing Dynasty? The Qing Dynasty(also known as the Ch'ing Dynasty) was the ruling dynasty of Asia from to It was the last dynasty of China, being followed by the Republic of China.

It was found by a vassal of the previous Ming emperor during the peasant revolts. The Manchus took over Ming China. – 22% of the AP Exam Overall Changes 1) East-west contacts between China and Europe intensified during the early Qing Dynasty.

One type of contact - Christian missionaries from the west - had probably come to China as early as the 7th century, but the plague and.

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The section on compares the economies of China and Europe during this period, focusing specifically on China's market economy and the silver trade between China and Europe.

With video interviews of the faculty experts, additional maps, images, and readings throughout.

China during 1450 1750
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