Copy in linux with overwrite a file

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cp(1) - Linux man page

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Aug 26,  · How do you copy files with overwrite? What will happen when you copy and overwrite a folder with small number of files, let's say 10 files?

A serious retrograde step in my opinion. If I wanted to mess about with command windows, I'd change to Linux. XP had it right, as the original poster said. Why change something that works. Ignore existing files or update only newer files with rsync Posted in Linux/Unix/BSD - Last updated Jan.

09, Rsync is a useful command line utility for synchronising files and directories across two different file systems. Example: Copy a file with different permissions, for example every user in my machine should have execute permission on the file install -m a+x /tmp/ Note: m option arguments will be similar to chmod arguments.

Allows you to copy one or more files to an alternate location. /V Verifies that new files are written correctly. /N Uses short file name, if available, when copying a file with a non-8dot3 name. /Y Suppresses prompting to confirm you want to overwrite an existing destination file.

/-Y Causes.


If a file is a tarball that you want to copy, you accidentally untar it. If the file is a tarball in some unrecognized compressed format that you want to untar, you accidentally copy it.

Linux commands

- amluto The consensus seemed to be that ADD tried to do too much and was confusing to the user. Pathname of the file to copy. If not an absolute path (starting with a drive letter and a colon, or a forward or backward slash), it is relative to the ColdFusion temporary directory, which is returned by the GetTempDirectory function.

Ubuntu: cp copy overwrite without prompting Copy in linux with overwrite a file
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