Effect of colonists on native americans

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The Native Americans

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Impact of King Philip's War on the Colonies & Native Americans

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Effect of Colonists on Native Americans

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Proclamation of 1763

As expressed in the three works Tecumseh, Richard Frethorne, and Mary Rowlandson, we will explore the causes and effects of the conflict between the Native Americans and English Colonists. When the English colonists came to America they encountered a new cultural clash with the Native Americans.

European settlement in the New World had a number of impacts on Native Americans. Mainly, though, settlement pushed Native Americans off their lands. It led to them either dying or being forced onto reservations. When the Europeans first came to the New World, they had two main effects. Arkansas was home to Native Americans long before Europeans arrived.

The first explorers met Indians whose ancestors had occupied the region for thousands of years. The Native Americans helped these Europeans find and grow food.

The relationship between the Pilgrims, and their neighbors, the Wampanoags, was friendly and cooperative.

Alcohol and Native Americans

The new settlers (people who live in the colony) signed a peace treaty with Massasoit, the leader of the Native Americans. Chronology of Native American events during the Old West.

Effect of colonists on native americans
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