Effect of oligopoly on economy

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What is Oligopoly Effects?

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4 Economic Effects of Oligopoly

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In an oligopoly market, such as supermarket industry in the UK, the price stabilization and the lack of the price competition benefit consumers, on the other hand, collusion existing in the oligopoly will maintain the price in high which do harm to consumers. Price war is "commercial competition characterized by the repeated cutting of prices below those of competitors".

One competitor will lower its price, then others will lower their prices to match. If one of them reduces their price again, a new round of reductions starts.

In the short term, price wars are good for buyers, who can take advantage of lower prices.

Effect of Oligopoly on Economy

OLIGOPOLY ECONOMIC EFFECT The oligopoly form of market is harmful to society in comparison to perfect competition because of the loss of productive and allocative efficiency. In addition, the undesirable effect may even be worse than in monopoly because supervision is not. In many ways, oligopolies are the most common market structure in the United States, so understanding how they influence an economy and consumers - especially you - is an important part of becoming a smart consumer and a budding economist.

Effect of Oligopoly on Economy Words | 7 Pages. OLIGOPOLY INTRODUCTION In this topic the oligopoly form of market is studied.

You will learn that fewness of firms in a market results in mutual interdependence.


The fear of price wars is verified with the help of the kinked demand curve. Collusive forms and non-collusive forms of market are.

Effect of oligopoly on economy
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4 Economic Effects of Oligopoly