Emotional abuse in children

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Emotional Abusers

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Child abuse

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You may be wondering how anyone could possibly overcome what most of us assume is an insurmountable problem. The reason so many people give up trying to stop emotional abuse is because they often lack the understanding of what drives an emotional abuser to hurt those around them.

Emotional child abuse is a silent epidemic, easily overlooked, and the effects can be hidden in all sorts of behavioral labels.

Adult Survivors of Emotional Child Abuse

We unconsciously blame our children for the conditions we have co-created. Emotional child abuse is invisible. There are three million cases of domestic violence reported each year. Many more go unreported. Emotional abuse precedes violence, but is rarely discussed.

Emotional abuse is cruel and scars your soul. Physical or sexual abuse is always accompanied and often follows emotional abuse, i.e. emotional battering is used to wear the victim down - often over a long period of time - to undermine her self-concept until she is willing to take responsibility for her abuser's actions and behaviour towards her or simply accept it.

Child emotional abuse is an often misunderstood form of trauma that can cause damage to a child’s developing brain, leading to long-term learning difficulties, problematic behaviors, and increased incidences of physical and mental health issues.

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Emotional abuse in children
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Signs of Emotional Abuse at Work (and How to React)