Hindered bed separator with cross flow

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Processes for Beneficiation of Iron Ores

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Jul 23,  · A new separator, known as the HydroFloat, has been developed by Eriez to overcome some of the shortcomings associated with traditional separation processes for recovering coarse particles.

The counter-current flow of particles settling in a hindered state against an upward rising current of water increases particle retention time. The presence of the teeter bed reduces turbulence (i.e., mixing) and increases the plug-flow characteristics of the separator.

The high solids content of the teeter-bed greatly also increases the. Hindered Bed Separator with Cross Flow Essay Chapter 1 In-Plant Testing of CrossFlow Separator in Coal Industry Introduction General The mineral processing industry has commonly utilized hydraulic separators throughout history for classification and gravity concentration of various minerals.

The cross flow separator (CFS) is an improved version of fluidized bed classifier, which introduces the feed slurry to the system across the top of the separator, and through a transition box/feed well into the teeter-bed to avoid the turbulent mixing that causes a detrimental impact on performance.

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The hindered–bed concentration method used in the CrossFlow Separator provides an economical and efficient means of sizing material such as sand and phosphate. Additionally, ores containing a mixture of high– and low– density components can be readily upgraded based on the difference in specific gravity.

What is a teetered bed separator? Most people are familiar with elutriators, which permit the separation of particles on the basis of particle size.

This is achieved simply by subjecting a slurry of a mixture of particles to an upward Hindered Bed Separator with Cross Flow Essay.

Hindered bed separator with cross flow
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