Indigenous older adults with depression

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Research, Evidence and Narrative Practices

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Populations of Concern

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Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research

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Polypharmacy prevalence among older adults based on the survey of health, ageing and retirement in Europe quality of life, depression, number of chronic diseases and difficulty taking medication variables were found to be associated with polypharmacy.

P. Yeung, B. Stevenson, C. Stephens, F. AlpassQuality of life in indigenous and non. Vulnerable groups of people, described here as populations of concern, include those with low income, some communities of color, immigrant groups (including those with limited English proficiency), Indigenous peoples, children and pregnant women, older adults, vulnerable occupational groups, persons with disabilities, and persons with.

Depression is especially common in people with other medical problems. Older adults may have more medical issues, which can increase their risk of depression. Objective This study aimed to develop a culturally acceptable and valid scale to assess depressive symptoms in older Indigenous Australians, to determine the prevalence of depressive disorders in the older Kimberley community, and to investigate the sociodemographic, lifestyle and clinical factors associated with depression in this population.

The strongest risk factors for attempted suicide in adults are depression, alcohol abuse, cocaine use, and separation or divorce.

The strongest risk factors for attempted suicide in youth are depression, alcohol or other drug use disorder, and aggressive or disruptive behaviors. Sociologists study how people get along together in groups. They study culture, social institutions and they affect individuals. The sociology of depression encompasses the cultural context in which people live, as well as the social stressors that people encounter as a part of life.

Indigenous older adults with depression
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