Satire of young frankenstein

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Young Frankenstein (1974)

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Young Frankenstein (1974)

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Young Frankenstein

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Satire and Parody in Literature and Film 8 Within the movie Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks took a very alternative approach to conveying Mary Shelley’s novel %(1).

Dec 15,  · Watch video · A young neurosurgeon (Gene Wilder) inherits the castle of his grandfather, the famous Dr. Victor von Frankenstein. In the castle he finds a funny hunchback called Igor, a pretty lab assistant named Inga and the old housekeeper, frau Blucher -iiiiihhh!/10(K).

Mel Brooks' satire of the horror classics, "Young Frankenstein" (), featured Peter Boyle as the creature, whose gifts would include tap dancing to Irving Berlin tunes. Satire In Frankenstein.

Frankenstein Frankenstein, the big green monster with bolts jutting out from its neck, is violent and terrifying. Victor Frankenstein is a young scientist who becomes intrigued by science so intensely that he attempts to achieve the impossible and create life.

A perfect satire and a downright hilarious film, Young Frankenstein truly is the greatest cinematic achievement in Mel Brooks’s catalog. Related Posts A Tribute to Gene Wilder (). Oct 23,  · Young Frankenstein Movie CLIP - Sedative () - Gene Wilder, Mel Brooks Blu-Ray Comedy Movie HD Dr.

Frankenstein's grandson, after years .

Satire of young frankenstein
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