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Adult Photo Cells Prof. Colour cells also have the capability to trivial-renew -- they can reproduce themselves many times over. Stem cells may also regenerate to assist in the replacing of damaged cells. By using them to create cells for tissue repair as well as the treatment of disorder stem cell research tries to benefit from the renewal properties of stem cells.

Stem cells come from several sources within the body. We provide a service that allows parents to store the stem cells found in their baby’s umbilical cord following birth. We have produced a series of materials, designed to support students studying biology at GCSE and A-Level with research, homework and revision.

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Stem cells are able to repair and replace damaged tissues and organs, and research on the use of these remarkable cells to treat many otherwise incurable conditions is ongoing. Where Stem Cells Come From The most useful types of stem cells come from embryos (unborn babies that are still at a very early stage of development).

Embryos are sometimes created in a laboratory as part of a process to help people have babies. Jan 04,  · Care to help me with stem cell homework? Stem Cell research homework?!? Answer Questions.

How Stem Cells Work

Why dna need primer? Theoretically, is a black person able to have a white descendent through generations based on mixed-blood and vice versa?Status: Resolved.

Stem cell research homework
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