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freeSpeech: Suki Kim

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She has been traveling to North Korea as a journalist sinceand her essays and articles have appeared in the New York Times, Harper’s, and the New York Review of Books/5().

Suki Kim, the writer of “Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits,” attempts to narrate the struggles of switching from a lavish upbringing to a poverty stricken lifestyle.

She tells the story of how her family was forced to move to the slums of Queens from South Korea after her father’s businesses plummeted financially. English I have chosen the story called “Facing poverty with a rich girl’s habits” by Suki Kim.

She starts out with very descriptive details on how her and her family went. A striking first novel about the dark side of the American Dream. Suzy Park is a twenty-nine-year-old Korean American interpreter for the New York City court system who makes a startling and ominous discovery about her family history that will send her on a chilling quest.

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Suki kims facing poverty with a
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