The struggles with melancholia in strange interlude a play by eugene oneill

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Strange Interlude: Play

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O’Neill’s ‘Touch of the Poet’

Strange InterludeDirected by Simon Godwin, Royal National Theatre, London, June 4 –September 1, It is hard to say whether Eugene O’Neill would have sanctioned the National Theatre’s truncated production of Strange Interlude —pruned down to just three and a half hours—standing bravely in the shadow of the epic, five-hour-long.

Strange Interlude is an experimental play in nine acts by American playwright Eugene O'Neill. O'Neill began work on it as early as and developed its scenario in ; he wrote the play between May and the summer ofand completed its text for publication in JanuaryWritten by: Eugene O'Neill.

Aug 30,  · Norma Shearer and Clark Gable, who provided potent screen chemistry in 's A Free Soul, smolder again in the film version of Eugene O'Neill's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, a.

O'Neill's innovative writing continued with Strange Interlude.

Strange Interlude Summary

This play was revolutionary in style and length: when first produced, it opened in late afternoon, broke for a dinner intermission, and ended at the conventional hour.

Dec 05,  · Strange Interlude by Eugene O'Neill () Summary: The play follows the life of Nina Leeds over the course of about twenty-five years and is fundamentally about her relationships with men. When the play opens, she. Eugene O'Neill: The Journey Out of Night Who is the greatest American playwright of all time?

The name that most people come out with upon hearing that question is Tennessee Williams.

The struggles with melancholia in strange interlude a play by eugene oneill
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