To establish positive and productive relationships with families

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Live & Work On Your Own Terms

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The Teacher's Role in Home/School Communication: Everybody Wins

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Engaging Families in Early Childhood Education

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To establish positive and productive relationships with families. In an effort to facilitate and retain a positive relationship with each and their families, I keep open, honest, and respectful dialogue during all interactions.

To Establish Positive and Productive Relationship with Families

Leading productive people has been developed to help new APS managers build their people management skills. It identifies the essential steps and best approaches that managers can take to build the productivity and effectiveness of their people. It’s easy to get bogged down with the daily grind of work, but it’s important to stay positive when you’re on the clock.

Even if your boss isn’t the type to pat you on the back, there are ways to keep from being bummed out every morning when your alarm goes off. Do be positive. In most families, a phone call or note from a teacher automatically indicates bad news related to the child's behavior or performance.

You can prevent this from occurring by making "sunshine calls" on occasion. Some additional suggestions for building productive parent partnerships are: Don't do everything yourself! Assign specific tasks to teacher assistants/aides and volunteers and make time to share information and impressions frequently, especially after conversations with parents.

Cosleeping, also known as “sharing sleep” or having a “family bed,” is a parenting practice that still smacks of taboo in our Western culture.

To establish positive and productive relationships with families
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